If you are an online seller, it's crazy to use the same strategy over and over again and expect different results!

If you would like to become the only choice in your industry, you'll want to adopt this new strategy for social media, marketing, and selling.

Here is how most marketers handle Facebook and their goals. They have this huge goal and they want to break through it. So they use "Facebook Live Selling" and they try hitting it as hard as they can but it generates a very small revenue for them, and sometimes not.

And when that doesn't happen, you know what they tell themselves? They tell themselves "I need to grind harder. I need to hustle harder". And they start working harder and it still doesn't work.

So what did they do? They come with a magical idea! This magical idea that they believe and they really hope that this time it's going to work and give them a huge revenue for their business. And this time they create a Facebook Page and tried to boost it and hey, it bounces this time! Nothing really happens. It's loud. Make a lot of engagements (Likes, Shares, and Comments). But nothing really happens.

The truth is, many times when it comes to getting the thing that we want, it is about the tools and systems that we use that will make all the difference. It is not about working harder.

But, what if you change your strategy? And you change the tools that you're actually using to get the result that you want.

What do you think is going to happen? What do you think is going to happen if you change the thing that you are using? That's how you get results. You get results by changing your strategy.

Carvel RussAuthor

In the year 2018, if you don't have this competitive edge in your business, and if you're not changing your tool to make it happen, then you're going to lose your business.

So what is the COMPETITIVE EDGE and STRATEGY am I talking about here?

What I'm talking about here is "BRANDING". I'm talking about Creating a Website for your brand that you need to be utilizing right now that will make all the difference.

And the game-changer is not about posting on social media, it's not about creating a Facebook page to reach potential customers, but understanding how do you create value first to show up for your customers. Just like the big brands nowadays such as Amazon, Alibaba, Lazada, etc. They put value first in their business and create a stunning website to gain customer's trust and the rest will follow.

I actually share this entire strategy to help your business grow and get the results you want to achieve. All you need to do is to take action now!

To get straight forward . . .


What you can have is any type of HTML-based, mobile responsive, and fast website.

If you want to see samples, here is the list of website we created:

  • Portfolio - Freelancer Website
    Demo 1
  • Agency - Consulting Website
    Demo 2
  • Dining - Restaurant Website
    Demo 3
  • Real Estate - Consulting Website
    Demo 4

Also, you can get an E-commerce Store (Like Lazada, Shoppee, etc.) Check this out:

  • Sample Jewelry Store - E-commerce Store
    Demo 1
  • Sample Print-On-Demand Store - Ecommerce Store
    Demo 2